A former art curator and daughter of an architect, a reverence for inherent design permeates my work. I create sculptural pieces drawing inspiration from diverse cultural sources– the geometric installations of Sol Lewitt; bridges by Santiago Calatrava; the intricate tiered structures and facades of Hindu Temples. I worked in the contemporary arts for a decade before transitioning to jewelry and art continues to inspire my creative production.

Created from a passion for aesthetics and a joy for living well, Stone Everett is cosmopolitan in nature, but adventurous and rugged in spirit. At once elegant and fierce, Stone Everett pieces are for souls who appreciate beauty in all they see. Designed to be simple enough for everyday wear and bold enough to make a statement - empowering and protective.  


Bold talismans for the modern aesthete. 
-Anna Nearburg


I strongly believe in working as hard as I can to protect our planet and those working to provide our raw materials - fair pay, clean working conditions, and reasonable hours for miners and smiths. However, sourcing ethically and sustainably is, I admit, a difficult task that often feels like a constantly moving target. The jewelry industry is evolving and learning how to create more comprehensive and consistent standards of what it means to be “ethical” and “sustainable.” I aim to be present for that conversation, to support those committed to it, and to hold myself to high production standards. I am committed to making my brand as transparent, environmentally, ecologically, and socially responsible as I can.

To achieve that end, I work almost exclusively with gem dealers who oversee their supply chain as much as possible - from working directly with mines (helping to create and maintain fair mining practices), to guaranteeing the stones’ origin country and location, to cutting and selling dead stock (mines no longer in production). I also cut my own stones allowing for design freedom and labor oversight.

I use only recycled or fair-mined silver and gold. Fair-mined metals, though more expensive, are a great alternative to recycled metals because they directly support artisanal miners in creating safe practices for themselves and the environment. They also help support the communities surrounding the mines, whose citizens often rely on mining as their sole source of income.

You can learn more at https://www.fairmined.org/what-is-fairmined/.

All pieces are handcrafted between the Hudson Valley, NY and New York City. Creating each object made-to-order allows me to not waste resources keeping stock on hand that doesn’t sell. It means that I’ve put care and attention and love into each piece that leaves my studio.





Many thanks to Miranda Lee Morgan for photography