Deco Earrings

Deco Earrings

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Inspired by the clean arches and geometric flourishes of art deco architecture.

Hand-forged earrings in either 24k gold-plated silver or sterling silver with matching ear wires and silicon ear nuts (silver/gold ear nuts can be substituted - please note in purchasing). Available in Stud or Chain version.

10 mm stones | No chain .75 x .75 inches | Chain 3 x .75 inch

Currently in stock:

Green Jade Studs - 24k or sterling silver

Moonstone Studs - 24k gold-plated sterling silver

Rose Quartz Studs - 24k or sterling silver

Rose Quartz Chain 24k gold-plated sterling silver

Lapis Lazuli Chain 24k gold-plated sterling silver

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