Drawing inspiration from California's dramatic landscape, foggy beaches and looming trees, each piece is crafted with care and reverence for nature's intriguing and irregular patterns, shapes, and forms. I create sculptural pieces using the individuality of stones as the foundation for my designs. An art curator and daughter of an architect, a reverence for inherent design permeates my work.

A native Texan, who has spent much time in the Southwest, I love bolos. They remind me of my childhood, Dad dressing up, summers in Colorado and trips to Santa Fe. I enjoy their androgyny and the proliferation of them on stylish hipsters. I forge each element of my bolos: from the clasp to the tips, which I hand-draw out of tubing.

Each piece is handmade with love and care by me in San Francisco.

If you are interested in a custom piece of jewelry, please email me at anna@stoneeverett.com. I will share my inventory of stones and we can plot to create a fantastic piece for you out of gold or silver.

- Anna Nearburg

Many thanks to Miranda Lee Morgan, for all the style shots, and a number of product shots on the site.